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Even though I was a major hippie in high school, I was never a super huge friend of The Dead. But this song, oh, this song. It gets right under your skin, camps out, lights a warm fire, tells a couple stories, and doesn’t leave. I love the beautiful lyrics and simple acoustics.

PS. I want a boat, just so I can name it “Sweet Amberine”.


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I really should just call this the Nothing But Seventies Music blog since that’s pretty much what I put out most of the time. But nobody puts Baby in the corner. Wait, did that even make sense?

Here’s a little Poco for your listening pleasure. You can’t get any more seventies than post-Buffalo Springfield, pre-Eagles. You can really hear the inflences that are yet to become the Eagles on this song. And man, I hate the Eagles! You won’t find any Eagles songs on this here blog, unless you catch me on a really bad day, after I’m drunk on Peachtree Schnapps and listening to Wasted Time on a loop, bawling my eyes out.

Also, I’m going to throw in a bonus song, the excellent “Mad Dog” by Lee Michaels. I don’t know much about Lee, except that he has a voice like rusty nails and plays a mean Hammond organ.

Edit: While I was stalking Lee on Wikipedia just now, I stumbled upon a link that informed me that parts of Mad Dog were sampled on Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s classic album, Mecca and the Soul Brother. WHAT? If that’s not six degrees of separation, I don’t know what is. Excuse me while I put on Elton John’s “Circle of Life” song now and meditate on that.

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If someone asked me to describe the voice of the Seventies, it would probably in large part consist of Todd Rundgren. Walk into any diner, Goodwill, or waiting room, and this song will most likely be playing. Which is awesome, because it just adds to the vintage atmosphere of things. Nothin’ like having a cup of coffee at your favorite diner booth, sunlight streaming in, and Todd’s mellow voice coming from the rafters, reminding you of better days gone by…

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