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Duuuuude. Check this guy out. Not only is he able to claim fame to a song called “Thunder Island”, but he’s sporting one of the sweetest 70’s lion ‘fro’s I’ve ever seen in my life. His 70’s era hair puts that of 70’s era Robert Plant’s to shame. Look how soft and flowing it is. Don’t hate, ladies, but he could have been in a Prell ad. Also, is he sporting espadrilles?  That, my friends, takes some serious cojones. You see, shoes tell a lot about a man. And you can tell this is a man who means business. He has no time for the petty novelties of Nike running shoes, oh no, he walked into his local five and dime and said, “show me the ugliest shoes you’ve got” and then WENT AND BOUGHT FIVE. And wore them on his album cover. Take that, Lindsey Buckingham.



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