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Rock me, Joe.


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Rush, “Fly by Night”

Because I felt like it.

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Duuuuude. Check this guy out. Not only is he able to claim fame to a song called “Thunder Island”, but he’s sporting one of the sweetest 70’s lion ‘fro’s I’ve ever seen in my life. His 70’s era hair puts that of 70’s era Robert Plant’s to shame. Look how soft and flowing it is. Don’t hate, ladies, but he could have been in a Prell ad. Also, is he sporting espadrilles?  That, my friends, takes some serious cojones. You see, shoes tell a lot about a man. And you can tell this is a man who means business. He has no time for the petty novelties of Nike running shoes, oh no, he walked into his local five and dime and said, “show me the ugliest shoes you’ve got” and then WENT AND BOUGHT FIVE. And wore them on his album cover. Take that, Lindsey Buckingham.


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Rescue Blues

This was one of the first Ryan Adams songs that really did it for me. I can’t quite say where I first heard this, I probably had it playing in the background here at work, as I often do when trying out new music, but it suddenly stuck in my head and refused to leave. I played the album a bunch more times (2001’s “Gold”) and thought…how had I missed this? How had I gone this long without ever hearing this? He’s the equivalent of a modern day Neil Young (to me, at least). Americana folk rock, alternating between misty mountain rock and wistful ballads, all featuring Adams’ rust tinged voice and a few bluegrass-y violins…right up my alley. I recently acquired 2005’s Cold Roses on vinyl, and lemme tell ya…it’s a beautiful thing.

A personal favorite that brings the “typical woman” out of me:

And this song, damn! Gets me every time. Beautiful lead in at :49 with that wailing country symphony. Brings me back to those late nights I spent in the starlit fields of Maine, heady and drunk on beer and the milky way:

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Song of the Day

This song begs to be played in surround sound. In fact, please don’t listen to it until you’re surround-sound ready. There’s just no way you’ll be able to appreciate the drop at 1:49 if you’re not. 
A classic, Plant at his best.

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This is a great example of a song that tells a story. If I smoked a pipe, you can bet I’d be breaking that bad boy out right now, much like Gandalf before me. It’s really more of a poem than a song, but then, isn’t that what most songs are? Poems set to music? Well…in the case of Britney Spears, no.

My dad used to rock this song big time, and I can’t help but wonder if it brought back vague, shadowed memories of his flight as a child from Hungary through Austrian refugee camps and their extremely realistic, not pleasant encounters with Russian soldiers along the way. Though he was but a child, I’m sure the feelings and images he associated with that time still remained. That, or he was just smoking the pot.

Al Stewart purportedly read forty books researching the German invasions of Russia for this song. You’ve got to give the man credit. I can barely get through one library book in the three weeks that I have it out, let alone check out forty of them.

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Even though I was a major hippie in high school, I was never a super huge friend of The Dead. But this song, oh, this song. It gets right under your skin, camps out, lights a warm fire, tells a couple stories, and doesn’t leave. I love the beautiful lyrics and simple acoustics.

PS. I want a boat, just so I can name it “Sweet Amberine”.

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