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This is a great example of a song that tells a story. If I smoked a pipe, you can bet I’d be breaking that bad boy out right now, much like Gandalf before me. It’s really more of a poem than a song, but then, isn’t that what most songs are? Poems set to music? Well…in the case of Britney Spears, no.

My dad used to rock this song big time, and I can’t help but wonder if it brought back vague, shadowed memories of his flight as a child from Hungary through Austrian refugee camps and their extremely realistic, not pleasant encounters with Russian soldiers along the way. Though he was but a child, I’m sure the feelings and images he associated with that time still remained. That, or he was just smoking the pot.

Al Stewart purportedly read forty books researching the German invasions of Russia for this song. You’ve got to give the man credit. I can barely get through one library book in the three weeks that I have it out, let alone check out forty of them.


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If someone asked me to describe the voice of the Seventies, it would probably in large part consist of Todd Rundgren. Walk into any diner, Goodwill, or waiting room, and this song will most likely be playing. Which is awesome, because it just adds to the vintage atmosphere of things. Nothin’ like having a cup of coffee at your favorite diner booth, sunlight streaming in, and Todd’s mellow voice coming from the rafters, reminding you of better days gone by…

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